Skyscraper & High-rise Building Risk Management Solutions

Templar Titan has developed a robust building security assessment program from experiences gained from working with real estate management companies whose personnel & ../assets were directly affected as a result of the events of 9-11. Our Risk Management profile for high-rise buildings identifies, assesses, controls and minimizes risks to your people and ../assets. This includes engineering comprehensive contingency plans for emergent threats, terrorism & natural disasters.

  • Threat & Vulnerability evaluations of people oriented day-to-day working processes
  • Facility Security Plan (FSP) review, penetration testing, response procedures, effectiveness & expert analysis
  • Perimeter & Access control measures & counter-measures (smart technologies)
  • Evaluation of Crisis Management processes
  • Contingency plans - evaluation, creation & testing
  • Training and solutions to address every "what if" that ultimately effects human life, or loss of ../assets
  • Tabletop exercises

Templar Titan works with clients to develop robust risk management profiles encompassing all the "what if's" of an increasingly unstable world.