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As unpredictable as our world has become, prior planning and preparation is the key to survival when unexpectedly you are faced with an emergency, or disaster scenario that effects your personnel and assets. Templar Titan can provide the following services to private, corporate, and government clients:

  • Stability Operations & Life Support Operations
  • Aerial Survey / Damage Assessment
  • Emergency Safeguarding of Intellectual Property
  • Philanthropy & Humanitarian Services
  • Security Protection Teams (PSD)
  • VIP Transport / Extraction
  • Coordinated Public Rescue efforts
  • Secure Remote Sites
  • Water / Food / Medical Relief & Air Drops
  • Asset Transport / Recovery
  • Intellectual property collection, safeguarding and delivery
  • Event documentation

Regardless of how extreme the event, Templar Titan can provide you peace of mind by assembling the proper solution for your ../crisis in a moment's notice. We accomplish this by inherently employing personnel with experience working in austere environments and responding to emergencies, leveraging our global network of partners and providers, establishing a dedicated tactical operations command staffed 24/7 and in some cases by engaging in sleep deprivation to ensure our clients get the immediacy they require.