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Templar Titan provides expert electronic security solutions for government, corporate, and private entities. Some of the capabilities we provide, but not limited to are:

Electronic security services: technical security specializing in communications and sensor technology, system engineering and integration, maintenance, and life-cycle management. Our strength is recognizing the importance of matching technologies, processes, and people to meet our customer’s operational security requirements.

Video Analytics: smart technologies that are capable of facial recognition metrics, behavior pattern recognition, extraction of information can be specific as in incidents of threats/risk, or
specialty interest, discarding sequences that do not possess relevant activity to increase storage, smart systems used to enhance storage & minimize maintenance and more.

SOME APPLICTIONS: Virtual Tripwires/ Intrusion Detection, Motion Detection, Camera Tampering, Shape based object detection & tracking, Theft & Object removal detection, Human face detection, etc…

  • Security Plan Development
  • Computer Forensics
  • Advanced Computer Security
  • Access Control measures & counter-measures
  • Camera Integration Systems