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Accurate intelligence due to properly completed surveillance operations can help gain critical infromation, insight and solutions based in truth.

Templar Titan consults, trains, and directly operates a full spectrum of surveillance, counter-surveillance, and advanced surveillance methods.

  • Personal and Technical Surveillance
  • Mobile and Static Surveillances Using Audio, Visual, Vehicle, and Objects
  • Evidence Gathering
  • VIP Protection Through Anti and Counter Surveillance
  • Military and Corporate Surveillance in Hostile Areas
  • Deep Cover Operations

Templar Titan's has an extensive global network that serves our client's busineess intelligence needs, forewarns of potential regional issues that may impact business continuity, asset accountability & tracking "smart" technologies and the flow of business information to the decision makers via a asset surveillance program and more.

An effective Surveillance program can discover workplace crimes, harrasment and potentially control loss prevention. It can also, provide business and personal data for support in litigation, divorce, or reverse tracking stalkers. Whatever the need to thwart malicous, or malcontent acts Templar Titan can craft the proper solution for your most immediate needs.