Templar Titan Capabilities


Templar Titan, Inc. offers professional support to industry, corporate leadership, and government. We answer the needs of the afflicted, compromised, and hopeless without regard to social class, religion, or ideology. By providing personnel who’s first priority is a moral and ethical approach to client satisfaction, Templar Titan is able to commit its full resources to the success of meeting our client’s goals. We are

engineered by our very roots to be available twenty-four hours every day, in any weather in any city on any continent, and on all seven seas.

We offer:

  • 24/7 Global Emergency Response
  • Risk management consultancy
  • Risk and threat vulnerability assessments and mitigation
  • Physical Security and IT Architectural Design
  • Access Control expertise
  • Site Penetration Testing and analysis
  • Business Continuity and Contingency Planning
  • Training services for IT, Administration, Human Resources, Emergency Response, Security
  • Design and construction of large and small security and military camps
  • Transportation and logistics security and support
  • And when needed, professionals on the ground who are trained by the very best to perform


The Templar Titan family is comprised of degreed business leaders, former elite military combat veterans, teachers, administrators, legal advisors, and technical overachievers, Construction experts, Licensed Engineers, and many more who embrace the guidance from God in service to our Lord, for the betterment of man.


The Templar Titan communications matrix includes a team of seasoned decisionmakers who remain on-call 24/7/365 to answer requests from our clients. Once we receive an assignment, a team of specialists is assembled to address the planning and execution of the task. The administrative and legal process is addressed, and we go to work. The client is informed as we progress, and reports are generated on a schedule that meets their needs. The client remains a part of the solution during the entire process.


Templar Titan uses, is supported by, partners with, and offers software and hardware designers and manufacturers armed with the latest education and technology available to the Global Fortune 100 corporations. Many of our global communications capabilities and offerings are used by the world’s militaries, private military contractors and security operations for departments of State and the private sector. Drones, (small Unmanned Aerial Systems), Solar, wind, convection and other energy, construction, soil and roadway stabilization, water purification, sewage treatment and agricultural technologies are all within our portfolio of availability.

To meet with us to address your needs, simply call us.

We will provide you with a timely solution, no matter how complex the scenario.