“There is no “I” in Team”

Great fight conversation in the grocery store this morning with this man. This man, Jay Caufield (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Caufield), was the protector, or “enforcer” for arguably the best hockey player ever = Mario Lemieux for the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins (https://www.facebook.com/penguins/ ). To boot, they routinely brought home, to Pittsburgh, the championship in the early 90’s.

Thought of the day
“There is NO “I” in Team.” Just about every aspect of life, to be successful you need a team, or a support structure of some minute even significance because its that situational awareness and mentality that WILL propulse you towards your next plateau, or enable you to reach your goals. Even the boxer, or the gladiator must train with someone to sharpen their skillset before going solo into the arena. Ironically, we are never truly alone as our Father above and His son walk with us daily if you allow them to. Check FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND”, a story for another time of this powerful poem that helped me in a dark space once 2 decades ago when I felt real alone in the world and ran squarely into it painted down a wall in a bookstore in Santa Monica, CA.

Back to achieving the goal,
When you do reach that goal do not forget the path, or those who have given their time (the best gift you can impart on anyone), or wisdom to enable you for your dreams. Honestly, I am unsure if Mario Lemieux would have had the incredible success he has enjoyed, personally and professionally, without this man Jay Caufield. Jay has won NHL championships and even 3 gold medals with the Canadian hockey team, plus like myself, had a “B” acting career of good roles and fun.

For me that is GOD and a handful of good peeps scattered throughout time and the world.

Embody an attitude of gratitude in all that you do 24/7 -365.