Providing Timely Solutions To Complex Scenarios

Templar Titan combines decades of small & large job construction experience with a dynamic management team to provide the client a reliable building partner. An integral, highly reliant solution to construction jobs of all sizes. It is important to have a builder you can put your trust in to deliver your dream, or project to reality within budget. At Templar Titan we pride ourselves in building long term relationships based on integrity, accountability, and reliability. Templar Titan has the building history necessary, the team bonding capabilities, and the expertise to champion any project in a timely fashion as dreamed of by the owner, or architect. This is what Templar Titan excels at – customer satisfaction striving to meet or exceed our client’s expectations each and every time.

Templar Titan provides management and oversight to all facets of designing & building construction projects of all sizes commercial & residential. We strive to complete projects that everyone involved, including the public, feels proud and safe to frequent.