Center for Online Justice

Center for Online Justice Launches to Protect Victims Online

Former Online Crimes Prosecutor and U.S. Navy SEAL Join Forces

To Unveil Anonymous Online Criminals

Center for Online Justice (file photo) Lew Knopp (l) and Hemu Nigam (r)

Los Angeles, CA – July 11, 2018 – Former Online Crimes Prosecutor, Hemu Nigam, and U.S. Navy SEAL, Lew Knopp, announced today that they have joined forces to launch of the Center for Online Justice (  Whether you’re Jane or John Doe, talent, high net worth, a pro-athlete, or in the public’s eye, the Center for Online Justice strives to bring to justice those who attack our right to be safe, secure, and private online. 

According to the Center for Online Justice (“COJ”), the anonymity of the Internet has given the false impression that one can harass, intimidate, or bully anyone online.  COJ shines a light on those who engage in this criminal and unlawful conduct.  COJ has already helped identify several culprits who were cyberstalking and victimizing high profile athletes and actors online.  The COJ has also helped protect the privacy of professionals who were being victimized by culprits trying to steal identities, impersonate, and run smear campaigns. 

Recognizing the limited resources law enforcement has, Nigam and Knopp work to support law enforcement in their efforts and will assist local and federal law enforcement around the country to get justice done. 

A team of former intelligence analysts who have hunted online terrorists for the armed services, protected sports franchises against real-time online threats, and conducted link analysis to identify conspirators bring their expertise to COJ on any given matter, building the ‘achilles matrix’ of potential culprits.

“You have the right to be safe, secure, and private online,” said Hemu Nigam, co-founder of the Center for Online Justice.  “We protect you and bring to justice those who attack these rights,” he continued.

“We know our brethren in law enforcement need more resources than they have,” said Lew Knopp, co-founder of the Center for Online Justice. “And we’re honored to serve in that role by helping them chase these abusers,” he said.

The Center for Online Justice firmly believes that one should trust your instincts. This is as true online as it is offline.

  • Do you get the feeling you’re getting cyber-stalked?
  • Are you being harassed online or bullied?
  • Have you gotten your private images stolen and posted?
  • Is someone imitating you online? Has your identity been stolen?

Recognizing the fear and pain an online attacker can cause, Nigam and Knopp have built a team that can be deployed on a moment’s notice to protect you.

Whether you’re Jane or John Doe, talent, high net worth, or in the public’s eye, the Center for Online Justice is here to protect you.  We specialize in helping you prevent these types of challenges, identifying culprits, and bringing them to justice.  Most of these attacks are perpetrated by criminals or even someone you know because they think they can get away with it.  They hide behind computer screens and pseudonyms.  Law enforcement doesn’t always know what to do nor has the resources to properly assist you.  Your personal and business lawyers don’t have the skills or experience.  We do.

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