Air Assets & Capabilities

Dedicated Global Air Assets
Deployable Worldwide For Emergency Situations

With dedicated air assets, Templar Titan has the ability to deploy worldwide during emergency situations when time is of the essence. Fixed and rotary wing assets are subject to availability at time of request. We can provide aircraft through turnkey ../contacts, fee for service, lease, or sale.

Templar Titan can provide dynamic, multi-disciplinary services & solutions through our capabilities, network and partnering arrangements globally. We can also tailor operation specific pre-positioned contingency plans with dedicated air assets that guarantee response times and provide coverage for the most complex of potential needs or requirements. This proactive approach gives the end user peace of mind knowing they have an action plan for the most extreme circumstances that may cause loss of life, damage to assets and major business disruptions.  The service entails Templar Titan getting an overall understanding of the companies 30,000 foot view, business footprint, travel frequency, assets, evaluating growth & expansion plans then engaging in active table talk sessions that pinpoint specific threats, concerns & considerations of the client.  Templar Titan then engineers from these table talks plans cogent with the discussions, scalable to needs, response protocols & action plans that address all client driven requirements.  This includes evacuation plans; disaster/emergency response protocols with dedicated & timely response options, asset delivery (generators, food, water, etc…) or whatever services or needs envisioned – devised to instill appropriate “mission specific” contingency plans.

With experiences from 9-11, Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, Ike & Sandy, California Wildfires, Midwest Ice storm responses and others, Templar Titan has identified certain gaps in corporate & government response plans and overall preparedness; these lessons learned & real world experiences are the influencing agents for the providence of the collective services. We work with our clients drawing from these experiences in support of crafting the right contingency plans and architecting the best solutions for their needs. Each plan works to enact plans that consider mass casualty, extreme circumstances where personnel are afflicted and/or in danger & need evacuation, and business continuity concerns.

We offer the following services:

  • Specialty aviation – rotary/fixed wing operations
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Intelligence surveillance & reconnaissance training & support
  • Force Projection Platform
  • International Pre-positioning of Assets Using Oversized Cargo Aircraft
  • Disaster Response services
  • Personnel Evacuation
  • Aerial Survey / Damage Assessment
  • Maritime patrol