Disaster & Crisis Relief

Disaster Management & Response

Along with our ability to help companies and individuals ride out the storm, our division’s main focus is to provide disaster management.  Our trained staff of professionals arrives on-site within 24 hours of any major disaster to assess damage, collect information, establish mitigating strategies, and to develop plans for restoration, clean-up and debris removal.  Our company has the ability to handle large level right of way and right of entry projects as well as debris removal, grinding, and third-party video monitoring in relation to government projects requiring a tracking service.  Our company is dedicated to “Creating Control out of Chaos” by maintaining an experienced professional staff that can accomplish the most difficult of tasks to restore order to any situation.

Disaster’s come in many shapes and forms.  From Hurricanes to earthquakes, to forest fires, to ice storms, to even terrorist attacks, Titan Development Group stands prepared to handle any situation restoring calm and facilitating the recovery effort in every facet conceivable.  We have a tried and proven track record of success.  We provide a level of performance and commitment above and beyond any others within the industry of solution providing and disaster response.


Templar Titan will provide the following services to private, corporate, and government clients:  


  • Aerial Survey / Damage Assessment
  • Emergency Safeguarding of Intellectual Property
  • Philanthropy & Humanitarian Services
  • Stability Operations / Security Protection Teams
  • VIP Transport / Extrication
  • Directed Public Rescue
  • Secure Remote Sites
  • Water / Food / Medical Relief & Air Drops
Demolition Capabilities

Natural Disasters take their toll on communities in many ways.  Building damage is one of the most devastating effects that a disaster brings to a community.  Rebuilding is essential to the overall recovery of the area.  Titan Development Group experienced Demolition Teams offer a safe, efficient solution to the problems posed by the post-disaster demolition process.  Our Project Managers are well versed all areas of demolition from decommissioning and utility disconnects to the abatement and removal of asbestos containing materials.  Titan Development Group provides all equipment and personnel necessary to perform all types of demolition. A typical demolition crew consists of:


  • Crew Foreman
  • Equipment Operators
  • Truck Drivers
  • Asbestos Cappers
  • Truck Liners
  • Flaggers


  • Track Hoe
  • Bobcat
  • Dump Trucks
  • Roll-Off Containers
  • Big Tex Trailers
  • Water Trucks
Overhead trimming Right of Way (ROW)

ROW completion is essential to the stabilization of the affected area.  Our experienced staff has completed ROW work on many disasters and will quickly make your roadways safe for motorists once again.

Right of Entry (ROE)

The safety of the residents in the affected area is a very big concern in the time following any disaster.  ROE work makes that safe living     environment possible.  Debris on properties presents a hazard to everyone in that area.  The StormRiders staff has years of experience removing these hazards from the confines of a resident’s properties.

Hauling of Debris

One of the biggest parts of the recovery effort of any area is getting the debris off the ground and to the grind site.  StormRiders has an     extensive network of subcontractors to draw from.  Our staff can manage all aspects of debris removal safely and effectively.

Grind site set up and operations

The grinding and disposal of material removed from roadways and properties in the disaster area is a little known but vital part of the recovery.  StormRiders understands the importance of this aspect of the clean-up process and will ensure that all safety protocol, industry standards and guidelines are followed.