Crisis Management

Mitigation & Continuity
Business Continuity

With Business Continuity in mind, Templar Titan, has developed programs to ensure the security and integrity of corporate and personal assets for pre, during, and post crisis events. Templar Titan is a solid option with a track record of success. Formed with the unpredictable world in mind, Templar Titan offers a variety of services designed to minimize the negative results from a natural disaster, or unusual occurrence.

Crisis situations instill confusion and fear in communities, organizations, and people in general. Templar Titan provides onsite preliminary damage control as well as Real-Time situational reports geared towards the rapid generation of successful mitigation and crisis control plans; this has the effect of ensuring the Client the fastest critical assessments so to outfit organizations & individuals the information needed to minimize the downtime associated and to facilitate the restoration process.

Pre-disaster precautionary tactics include but are not limited
  • Crisis response teams deployed with armed/unarmed security, EMT, mobile communication capability and client specific skill sets inline w/ predetermined needs, plus
  • Site assessments with updates reported in Real Time
  • Secure evacuation, assistance of employees, intellectual properties, and assets
  • Providing security for vacated locations
  • Installing electronic security for vacated locations
  • Providing mobile transport for persons/assets from emergency situation
Example Event

EXAMPLE: an Event where EVACUATION, MASS CASUALTY, and PROPERTY DAMAGE are considering factors:

  1. Templar Titan management receives the initial call from perspective client, or persons in need.
  2. Discussion of threat, & how it is effecting the caller, or callers team, organization, assets & associated.
  3. Formulation of plan, Client & Templar Titan agree to terms, men & assets disembark for the location of event.
  4. Client shares all pertinent information regarding personnel & assets potentially afflicted and results desired; this could change dependent on situation & when the additional “boots on the ground” arrive and what they are faced with.
  5.  Immediate “real time” assessments of personnel & assets. Assessment of prevailing elements, current atmosphere of those associated, local populace and proper authorities (if possible). All collected situational and business intelligence formatted into a field report & submitted regularly to the client.
  6. Accountability system/s for personnel until event has subsided, or as directed by the client. The securing of assets, buildings, equipments and associated with potentially Intellectual property being transported, or moved as directed and agreed upon between client and Templar Titan.
  7. Formulation of a short & long term security plan for the client scale-able to the need and threat ongoing. Establishment of Right of Entry (ROE) if applicable, debris management, clean up and rebuild if apropos.

Templar Titan is capable with its team and network to rapidly respond to any event worldwide. Templar Titan from over a decade of experience in crisis response brings great value add to the business continuity efforts of any organization providing immediate experienced personnel to prepare, secure or make safe people & assets in the event of a crisis. In every federal event of the past decade from 911 to Hurricane Sandy Templar Titan has responded and had Right of Entry granted via local authorities because of our name, history of noble efforts and unwavering resolve to help the afflicted.

Post event, or after “riding the storm” Templar Titan can offer an assortment of services ranging on the severity of the crisis. Some include but are not limited to:

  • Crisis Management Teams pre, during & post event
  • Right of Entry (ROE)
  • Residential/Corporate property debris removal (PPDR)
  • Demolition (property clearing)
  • Videography
  • HAZMAT identification
  • Archaeological / anthropological services (casualty recovery and identification)
    Organization, individual, or event specific solutions
Creating Control out of Chaos

In the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, or crisis situation having appropriate action plans in place followed by rapid response in most cases are the determining factors in preventing controllable losses, & business disruptions. Templar Titan engineers “client specific” crisis management plans for corporations and private entities. With our non-intrusive set-up methods, low profile, and highly trained professional staff, we provide a service like none other in the industry.

Crisis Management

Coupled with our ability to support companies and individuals ride out the storm, our main focus is to provide crisis management. Our trained staff of professionals arrive on-site within 24 hours of any major disaster to assess damage, collect information, establish mitigating strategies, and to develop plans for restoration, clean-up and debris removal. Templar Titan and its teaming partners have the ability to handle large right of way and right of entry projects as well as debris removal, grinding, and third party video monitoring in relation to government projects requiring a tracking service. Our company is dedicated to “Creating Control out of Chaos” by maintaining an experienced professional staff that can accomplish the most difficult of tasks to restore order to any situation.
Disaster’s come in many shapes and forms. From Hurricanes to earthquakes, to forest fires, to ice storms, to even terrorist attacks, Templar Titan stands prepared to handle any situation restoring calm and facilitating the recovery effort in every facet conceivable. We have a tried and proven track record of success. We provide a level of performance and commitment above and beyond any others within the industry.

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