Emergency Services

With Business Continuity in mind, All-American Construction/Templar Titan , has developed programs to ensure the security and integrity of corporate and personal assets for pre, during, and post disaster/crisis activities.

All-American Construction/Templar Titan is a solid option with a track record of success. The Titan Disaster Preparedness and Response services were designed with the unpredictable world in mind.Templar Titan offers a variety of services designed to minimize the negative results from a natural disaster, or unusual occurrence.

Crisis situations instill confusion and fear in communities, organizations, and people in general. Templar Titan provides onsite preliminary damage control as well as Real-Time situational reports geared towards the rapid generation of successful mitigation and crisis control plans/ideas; this has the effect of ensuring a CLIENT the fastest critical assessments so to outfit organizations / individuals the information needed to minimize the downtime associated and to facilitate the restoration process.

Pre-disaster precautionary tactics include but are not limited:

  • Emergency response teams deployed with armed/unarmed security, EMT, mobile communication capability, computer forensics/ engineering, and client specific skillsets inline w/ pre-determined needs/ requests
  • Site assessments with updates reported in Real Time
  • Secure evacuation, assistance of employees, intellectual properties, and assets
  • Providing security for vacated locations
  • Installing electronic security for vacated locations
  • Providing mobile transport for persons/assets from emergency situations

After “Riding the Storm” TDG can offer an assortment of services ranging on the severity of the crisis. Some include but are not limited to:


  • Residential/Corporate property debris removal (PPDR)
  • Demolition (property clearing)
  • Videography
  • HAZMAT identification
  • Archaeological / anthropological services (casualty recovery and identification)
  • Organization, individual, or event specific solutions