Environmental Protection

Emergency Environmental Safeguard Services
Emergency Environmental Safeguard Services

Templar Titan with its partnership with Scott Smith and the OPFLEX Technology (http:/opflex.com/site/) has the capability to immediately deploy a containment plan for oil & other contaminant spills. This containment plan scales to a reclamation operation thus mitigating & minimizing environmental disaster impacts. Templar Titan is the exclusive licensee of OPFLEX Technology for the government, municipal markets & private clientele.  Templar Titan provides a complete contingency plan for emergency/disaster preparedness and response that addresses loss of life, ../crisis management and contaminant containment services all in one stop. Furthermore, Templar Titan’s capability to fingerprint the water column in high risk spill areas before there is a disaster can substantially mitigate the risk for oil and gas companies, pipeline companies, railroads, and insurance carriers by providing a scientific baseline, or constant by which to gauge, track & provide effective mitigation procedures in the event of. The oil & gas extractive industry continually encounter disasters that involve not only loss of life, but impact upon the surrounding environment. The Templar Titan/Opflex solution provides end users with contingency plans that are green, scalable, economically palatable and expeditiously deployable. This solution effectively can be engineered into any operation involving hazardous materials (HAZMAT), the transportation of HAZMAT, and associated potentially “at risk” components. Each industry and service provider has its own unique operation entailing differing assets and moving parts. Templar Titan accesses these elements via a Risk Assessment and provides expert analysis to assist in the architecting the best contingency plan for the end user and their needs.

The Templar Titan Opflex Technology Emergency Environmental Solutions Team is a strong preventative measure for those working with, or transporting hazardous materials to include the oil and gas industry.  The solution is the most innovative, Low Carbon Impact, and green solution available to the oil & gas industry today.

Call us to engineer your contingency plans with a mission specific solution that best fits your potential needs.

  • Provides end user a pre-positioned plan to contain, or prevent further environmental damages from an accident
  • Projects a concerned, prepared environmentally conscious operation
  • The Opflex Technology is an Open-Celled elastomeric sponge that repels water and attracts oil and carbon contaminants like a magnet and is reusable multiple times in the reclamation process
  • The Opflex Technology is a green product and statistically superior to current utilized reclamation & containment procedures
  • Deployed by former U.S. military and law enforcement personnel who double as immediate responders to an event for the end user