Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Anthropology unfortunately our world is faced more and more with the aftermath of casualties due to violent disasters or terrorist attacks. Our division has a highly trained staff of forensic anthropologists on staff to come in and identify remains so that families can be notified in the unlikely event that mass casualties are involved. With situations such as the terrorist attacks of 9 /11 or hurricanes such as Hurricane Katrina our division provides a unique service in regard to casualty identification. We have the unique ability to work anywhere in the world utilizing our security as well as our constant supervision to help bring closure for families during these unfortunate circumstances. Our division not only operates domestically in the United States but has the capability to operate in high threat areas such as Africa, Bosnia, or Iraq. In specific cases where our teams are deployed globally we utilize native speaking personnel to operate as a liaison with supporting government agencies to ensure that we comply with cultural as well as religious standards. Our team of professionals has obtained global experience both from a scientific standpoint as well as a security standpoint. In cases where personal safety is threatened, we stand ready to operate in the most dangerous of combat zones. We understand that every casualty has a family and take the job of identification serious from both a moral and ethical viewpoint as well as a professional standpoint.