In the event of a natural disaster or unusual occurrence, up to date documentation of assets can assist in the recovery process.  Virtually all major projects face the risk of fraudulent lawsuits and claims.  Videography department is committed to providing high quality visual records with real time data to ensure precise information.  Prior to a construction, demolition, or land clearing project, proper video documentation enables prevention of problematic scenarios.

On-sight monitoring and documentation provides an unbiased third party to safely and professionally digitally record your selected location and its surroundings.  We utilize modern technology with professional teams to monitor and document all aspects of disaster recovery.  Post video editing to include quality control, completion, and documentation, allow clients to utilize video proof in order to be paid accordingly.

Disaster recovery can be a physical and mental strain. As an owner of assets, we help you ensure that proper liability is placed in the appropriate places, Videography department and their professional staff can provide video documentation in regards to disaster management.  During the process of disaster relief, many bumps in the road can slow you down.  When damage has occurred, it is not always (disaster) related.