Extractive Industry Services

exploratory phase through the operational setup
Security Solutions For Extractive Industry Organizations

Physical, regulatory, monetary and intangible risks faced by extractive industries are global in nature, and the task to implement programs to prevent, detect and mitigate these risks can be daunting. Templar Titan consults with extractive industry organizations from the exploratory phase through operational setup including logistical & supply chain elements to engineering risk conscious, work efficient work spaces & operations.  We utilize integrate-able smart technology driven perimeter, access & asset control technologies scale able to meet expansive, progressive needs globally.  We integrate the technologies to physical security plans that fit the size and scope of any operation and provide seamless risk mitigation plans to our clients.  Through site visitation, information sharing, and table talk sessions we engineer a complete solution plans in line with your company’s corporate policies and fitting to the most complex operational and accountability requirements.

During the exploratory phase & initial drill site selection, Templar Titan provides expert analysis relative to cultural, political, regional & topographical considerations that may impact the safety of personnel, continuity of operations, disrupt the supply chain, impede emergency services and associated elements.  We build threat & vulnerability matrix’s that envision any/all factors that may cause business disruptions, or effect business continuity.  Some factors considered: local populace trends, cultural & governmental indifferences, religious strife, ethnic challenges and all associated factors that could impact our client’s safety, operations and profitability. We provide strategic consulting for operational set-up; route selection, product movement and systemization of operations as well as the employee training associated to the sites’ operations.

Templar Titan also consults in complete man camp solutions and has the capability to provide efficient set up maximizing space allocated, conscious of the business flow of operations & complete with integrated smart technologies for perimeter & access control measures.  In any region of the world we also have the capability of establishing a local guard force inclusive of vetting, training, and incentivizing to create an effective, “happy” local guard force. We can also provide site specific emergency/disaster plans, table talk contingency’s and further into protocols within the security plan and deliver a well-rounded overall security plan for the end user.

For large scale operations Templar Titan can engineer a dedicated response team for business continuity and crisis management requirements; this proactive component can greatly enhance the company’s overall safety & security plan and prove cost effective mitigating costly business disruptions due to emergency’s & disasters.

  • Prospect & active drill sites
  • Site preparation preliminary consultative services
  • Site security
  • Contingency Planning
  • Expeditionary & frontier services
  • Offshore oil platform operations
  • Man camps – set up, systematic continuity services engineering
  • Mining camps
  • Supply chain issues
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