Gas and Oil Services

Templar Titan provides quality services to the Marcellus Shale industry in the form of Consulting, Products, & Services. Templar Titan’s strong work ethic, experience, and integrity give clients & partners assurance of job performance. Templar Titan understands the time sensitivity associated with site preparation for pad sites, access roads, and compressor stations. Templar Titan employs the right solution for your construction needs within budget.

Templar Titan partners with companies developing cutting edge technologies supportive of the oil & gas industry. From non-destructive testing procedures that can drastically reduce the time associated to a host of pipeline concerns, to cutting edge FRAC water solutions.

Templar Titan does site preparation work, provides a host of water management solutions, conducts non-destructive testing, and more. All-American Construction/Titan Development Group is committed to being an integral part of the Marcellus Shale operation understanding its importance to the dream of energy independence for the United States.

Templar Titan is a force multiplier for companies engaged in the Marcellus Shale play.

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