Shelter Operations

Delivering great effort & response globally
Global Solutions for Shelter Operations

In a world of increasing threat & instability the demand for proven “cutting edge” security solutions has never been higher. Over the past decade plus we have responded to a variety of different crisis related scenarios both INCONUS and OCONUS. Throughout these responses we have developed a network of service providers that together deliver complete turnkey solutions timely to the afflicted, or in need. Within just one call to Templar Titan, we can deliver great effort & response to anywhere in the world; this includes veteran immediate responders delivered via air or boat, expeditious sheltering capabilities/options, smart technology access & perimeter control components that can be remotely viewed, integrated, or stand alone and are plug & play capable. Whatever the need, and/or desired coverage or response, Templar Titan is a one stop solution provider.

Since our inception Templar Titan has consistently been an innovator in the field of emergency & disaster response. We deliver trusted veterans experienced in stability & life support operations to fulfill your most immediate needs.

Templar Titan has the ability to provide you the best relief and stability services timely anywhere globally. Our professionals and extended network are well versed in creating order out of chaos while bringing aid to the afflicted. We are a one stop crisis response and immediate emergency services provider.

  • Mitigation specialists
  • Emergency/Disaster response services
  • Calculated threat management and emergency needs scalable packages and services
  • Sheltering operations
  • Refugee, Mining, or relative “man camps” – design, deliver and construct with access control measures/response both physical & electronic
  • Mentor & train available personnel & assets in various man camp jobs/tasks
  • Provide ongoing logistics via air, or sea of follow on assets and personnel