Stability Operations

Services for Emerging Global Threats

Templar Titan delivers a high level of capability, skills, and manpower to address emerging global threats.

  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Relief services & packages to the afflicted globally
  • Collection of real time information, business intelligence or military assessments
  • Border Services – electronic & physical security plans that create or enhance border access control & deterrence measures
  • Locate & identify friendlies, organize and commit resources to posture, stage or “make safe” various objectvives
  • Leverage maritime & air assets, colleagues & clients to apply immediate assistance to the afflicted
  • Specialized Emergency/Disaster Response Teams
  • Hazardous waste & EOD teams
  • Debris management & Right of Way services adaptable to any event, or location globally
  • Linguistic and Cultural Training

Templar Titan stands ready 24/7 to HELP, ASSIST or LEAD the WAY when lives are at stake and time is of the essence.