Robert L. Caruso

CEO, US Energy Consolidation Corporation

Bobby Caruso

Bob Caruso is the founder of several companies that focus on consolidating basic energy assets and developing new clean energy alternatives. Additionally, Mr. has Caruso served as Chief Executive Officer of a privately held, satellite-based telecommunications company, and before that, spent the majority of his career at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, CBS Broadcasting, and Viacom, where he served in a number of top-level executive positions before retiring in January of 2000. During his career Mr. Caruso helped create Westinghouse Satellite Communications Company and also acted as a finance team lead on a number of major acquisitions including Teleprompter (Group W Cable), Unimation Robotics, and the CBS purchase of Infinity Broadcasting. At the close of his career, Mr. Caruso played a key role in positioning Westinghouse Communications, Westinghouse Nuclear Energy Systems, and Westinghouse Government Operations for divestiture. Mr. Caruso holds a B.A. in Economics from Bethany College and an MBA in finance from the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz School of Business.