Templar Titan, Inc. is a global risk mitigation firm comprised of diversely skilled subject matter experts with varying backgrounds and skill sets that combine extraordinary capability, relentless work ethic with noble services.  Templar Titan is a multi-disciplinary organization, 12 years in existence that serves transnational corporations, governments and select private entities.  Templar Titan engineers client-specific risk mitigation plans & services that best addresses their specific needs and global footprint in the form of Consulting, Training, Products & Direct Action;  This includes, but not limited to the following: Threat & Vulnerability Assessments, Facility Security Plans, Emergency & Disaster plans, A full array of Maritime Services, Contingency operations, Life Support operations, Stability Operations, Courier Services, Executive Protection, PSD, Penetration Testing and more.  

  Templar Titan utilizes its network that includes numerous Fortune 500 companies, foreign governments, current & former clients, colleagues and even the U.S. government & active military to create rapid solutions for the afflicted globally.  We pride ourselves in our ability to rapidly create crisis contingency plans on whatever scale globally applying immediate attention, skilled personnel and engaging in a moments’ notice often times post a phone call. 

Templar Titan is a multi-disciplined, solution providing company of extraordinary capability, honorable men with rich past performances and history to support.