Corporate Training Services
Templar Titan Can Support Your Training Needs To Meet Your Objectives

Templar Titan Inc. delivers professional training services to corporate clients on a broad range of subject matter expertises. We are also capable of engineering client, or mission specific training blocks that are scaleable to talent level, or overall enabling objectives.

Templar Titan Inc. has the capability to establish training cells for governments, corporations & the private sector crafting the desirable skill set development in incremental stages, or in straight shot stints for individuals, or groups.

We can come to you. We have Mobile Training Teams (MTT) that can teach the required curricula for a host of corporate security concerns, “how to’s” for engineering the proper security plans, facility security design, access control and associated safeguarding controls. We can craft executive protection details, plans and training to include field exercises, classroom & range time. We have leadership, motivational and team building seminar based blocks of training.

Seminar based training we provide
Crisis Management

Architecting the Proper Crisis Management Program – a detailed nuts to bolts “how to” engineer robust crisis management plans that fit your companies work footprint. The course delivers format options for detailing critical information relative to the crafting of best practices, assigning codes, responses, pertinent terms, commands and associated. Delivered from a seasoned Templar Titan professional that coalesces company experiences and lessons learned throughout the delivery of the enabling objectives.

Threats of the 21st Century

Threats of the 21st Century – a comprehensive overview and analysis of the past decade of advances in information availability, technological advances, the spread of terrorism, discoveries of terrorist plans, & its relation to you. Delivered from a former U.S. Navy SEAL who combines real world experiences with articulate storytelling, and professional delivery of the details.


Leadership – a seminar delivered by a former U.S. Navy SEAL that covers strategies to educate management members in new tactics & techniques to produce results. SMaC recipe, transformational/transactional leadership, the doom cycle and associated are discussed peppered with first hand stories relating to real world experiences.


Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion (KRE) – A statistical informative overview of Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion. Countries it is prevalent within, safeguards for working in KRE permissive environments, engineering your companies KRE plan, & case studies.