Pathfinder Services

Operational Support for austere environments & emergent countries.
Establishing Operations in Austere Environments & Third World Countries

Templar Titan provides clients support in establishing operations in other places of the world; this includes austere environments, emergent and third world countries. Templar Titan works with clients on identifying risks, providing advances with expert analysis, and all relative pieces to establishing, adding to or streamlining their supply chain.

Templar Titan provides transnational corporations a trusted agent in their expansion and growth endeavors globally.

    • Country & regional intelligence reporting
    • Site advances with detailed reporting & expert analysis
    • Establishing real estate, transportion and business related “initial” contacts
    • Support in the establishment of logistics & supply chain items
    • Evaluating, engineering, implementing, testing and review of any/all Risk Management procedures
    • Contingency Planning
    • Training and solutions to minimize or eliminate identified risks
    • Tabletop exercises