Contingency Planning

Plans of action for worst case scenarios
Contingency Planning & Risk Management

Contingency planning is a part of a businesses, or governments risk management portfolio that considers worst case scenarios & crafts situational response & action plans. Generally these events are extreme case scenarios like any mass casualty related event, a plane going down with company personnel onboard, extreme cultural indifference in a work destination places personnel & assets in direct & immediate danger, acts of terrorism or war, extreme weather, a chemical or biological release in a populated area, a KRE event, to name a few. There are an exponential number of “what if’s” that could be examined in an increasingly threat riddled world. As a partner, Templar Titan ensures that you are prepared for worst case scenarios and gives you the peace of mind that we will be there in the event of… “Providing Timely Solutions to Complex Scenarios.”

Templar Titan can design & engineer comprehensive contingency plans that fit the overall organizational landscape of your business. We also review and provide suggestive analysis to active contingency plans. We actively engage with security directors (CSO, ESS, HSS, HR Directors, etc…) to comprehend their responsibilities and to address their concerns. We take a systematic approach to every clients unique needs, influencing factors and specific differentiators to craft client specific solutions. Our methodologies are comprehensive and inclusive of over a decade of experience responding to federal disasters, & a multitude of global crisis.

  • Identification of country, regional, cultural, & ideological events that in a worse case scenario could have a devastating impact
  • Identification of risks to personnel & assets as a result of transit, travel or movement disasters
  • Identification of emergent threats and potential worst case scenarios
  • Identification of terrorism threats to facilities, high-rise & skyscraper buildings & response plans
  • Format design, threat matrix with an associated crisis level, or code designator & associated organizational response guidelines
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Training