Organizations we've worked with
Department of Defense
Silent Circle

Templar Titan was not only an early adopter of Silent Phone, they were also a valuable partner in field testing as well as a great case for the global deployment of our product.

Granite Construction
Flint Tech Solutions
Ascent Data

“A small, yet robust boutique integrator with complimentary capabilities and a rich performance history in Cyber/IoT emergency response. We love them as a partner!”

Joint Special Operations Command

“In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, Templar Titan, Cyber Titan’s parent company, orchestrated a massive response to secure our assets in New Orleans.  Securing intellectual property and multiple exploration hard drives, with zero data loss.

Templar Titan’s timely and forward-thinking contingency plan was instrumental in maintaining business continuity for our New Orleans HQ under arduous post Katrina conditions.  Ironically, years later an oil discovery was identified on a server Templar Titan’s “Digital Protection” team had secured. The Digital Protection team serves as the genesis and backbone of Cyber Titan.

Pittsburgh Steelers
DCK worldwide
Pittsburgh Police
PJ Dick, Trumbull, Lindy Paving
American Eagle
NTT Data
Evergreen Packing
Pinner Construction
UBS Bank
Silverstein Properties

“When a crisis arises outside the scope of our in-house security team, such as 9-11, Templar Titan provides the perfect adjunct to our team. From Physical Security to full scope cyber, Templar Titan’s professionals multiply our efforts, to train or augment our staff and to Sheppard crisis’ to still waters.

– Bill Dacunto (Larry Silverstein)

US Army Corps of Engineers
American Red Cross
S.L. Greene

When no one else could help post Hurricane Sandy, we called Templar Titian’s Digital Protection team to provide solutions to a complex multi blacked out building. no fuel, no communications or associated a big ring or data systems talking solution that fit our buildings lit up Sr one only to Titan’s primary NYC client Silverstein Properties.

Phillips & Jordan