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We embrace each venture as an opportunity to prove ourselves through sweat equity, to strengthen our global network and to create another trusted partner.

With business continuity in mind, Templar Titan, has developed programs to ensure the safety of corporate and personal assets for pre, during and post crisis events. Templar Titan offers a variety of services designed to minimize the adverse results of an act of terrorism, natural disasters or any events requiring emergency response with a history of successful operations.

In an ever increasingly dangerous world there are times when the unexpected becomes the right now reality. Templar Titan is a company that specializes in bringing extreme effort combined with professional services to unforeseen and or unplanned  for events. Often times human lives are at stake and the stability of an area that has been hit by a catastrophic event are at risk. Templar Titan thrives on creating order from uncertainty and chaos.

Our team includes former Naval Special Warfare Operators (SEAL’s), Research and Education Consultants, Marine Safety Specialists, Security Infrastructure Intrusion Experts, and IT/Software Specialists.