Risk Assessment

Identify, assess, control & minimize injury & loss
Risk Mitigation for Business Operations

Risk Management is the process by which a company identifies, assesses, controls and minimizes the risk of injury, financial or asset loss through its workplace activities.
Managing Risk is an important part of managing a successful business, demonstrating regulatory compliance and Due Diligence

At any given moment in time, in just about every circumstance conceived some level of risk is present. Reducing those risks from unnecessary loss, or damage saves time, money, energy and lives to every sector of human life and assuredly your business. Conducting comprehensive, or aspect specific risk assessments is a very good tool for achieving your organizations risk management goals and further identifying unforeseen, or emergent risks.

Templar Titan provides comprehensive Risk Assessments to help governments, corporations and private individuals to identify risk. Our professionals collect and cross analyze various data points, matrixed information in association to the clients’ day-to-day operations, overall foot print, network & associated elements. Risk Assessments include matrixed threat & vulnerability line items, numerical values associated per risk posed, frequency, probabilities and the associated potential business disruptions; the expert analysis provides the client with a comprehensive overview of their inherent risks to personel, assets, IP and associated. We assemble that information into scalable, budget conscious solutions driven by the clients desired end results.

Templar Titan’s comprehensive intelligence collection techniques, documenting procedure and expert analysis will provide you a valuable tool for hardening your security posture thus minimizing your risks.

  • Identification of potential risks to personnel
  • Identification of IP and asset risks
  • Threat & vulnerability assessments
  • Assessment of violence posed by a given risk at a given time
  • Management of both the subject and the risk presented
  • Training and solutions to minimize or eliminate identified risks
  • Tabletop exercises