What we do

Providing Timely Solutions To Complex Scenarios
Templar Titan, Inc

Templar Titan, Inc. is an organization founded by a man of God with a vision of providing dynamic services and solutions to end users globally. These services are delivered by carefully vetted and selected professionals of all races, colors and backgrounds who are disciplined, integral and great at what they do. As a team, we strive to meet and exceed every expectation leaving the residue of satisfaction and friendship “Providing Timely Solutions to Complex Scenarios.”

Templar Titan provides a host of asset, crisis and risk management solutions with the spirit of fair play, transparency and fair scales. We embrace each new opportunity as an opportunity to prove ourselves through sweat equity, to strengthen our global network and to create another trusted partner and friend.

We deliver the service in four distinct ways; CONSULTING, TRAINING, PRODUCTS and OPERATIONAL SUPPORT. Our clients are governments, global transnational companies, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and select private individuals. Our founder is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, as are other core management members mixed with various other military and law enforcement type