Airport Security

Providing Timely Solutions To Complex Scenarios


Templar Titan has the capability to engineer a security program from conception-to-operation developing and/or managing a robust program that ensures safety, security, and accountability from all participants; this includes design, construction or additions, deployment of technology, tying technologies into a common operating picture, working with multiple jurisdictions, immediate responders, law enforcement, and military within the local, state, and federal laws.

Templar Titan has worked in some of America’s busiest airports providing state-of-the-art consulting, training, and operations support. We accomplish this by our experience and our unique and project specific eleven (11) point plan.

1)  Needs Assessment

2)  Legal and Policy Framework

3)  Leadership and Personnel Selection

4)  Training Program

5)  Equipment and Resource Procurement

6)  Collaboration and Coordination

7)  Community Engagement

8)  Legal Use of Force Guidelines

9)  Operational Protocols

10)  Performance Evaluation

11)  Site Evaluation

Templar Titan has performed all manner of security services, including major facilities such as airports, industrial complexes, government compounds, and ocean cruise liners.  Not only the direct operation of security but the design and implementation of construction and management of sub-contractors.

To contact us for these, or related services:

* Randy Leonard, Advisory Board Member and Director of Security Operations

     (813) 833-5469  ///

* Raad Alissa, Middle East Business Consultant

   (202) 506-8494. ///

Locations served

– Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).             

– New York Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

– Pittsburg International Airport (PIT)

– O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

– Ft. Lauderdale International (FLL)

– White Plains Airport (HPN)

– Teterboro Airport (TEB)

  – Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

– Oakland Airport (OAK)

– Palm Beach Airport (PBI)