The People Behind Templar Titan

Company Directors

Templar Titan is over a decade in existence, formed post 9-11 to cater to risk mitigation and crisis management needs from emergent global threats. The landscape is forever changing and for tyranny, or terrorism to have an effect they need to only succeed in their efforts once, whereas in providing safety and security plans you must be prepared and ready 24/7 every second of the hour. With this key detail in mind, Templar Titan has assembled an Advisory Board that is involved in everything we do by via strategic council, support in critical decison-making, quality assurance and helps guide the moral compass of the company. The following comprise the Templar Titan Advisory Board:

Accomplished & versatile executive with global experience
CEO, US Energy Consolidation Corporation
Member of the New York and California Bar
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29% Input

of Honorable Note

The valiant souls who have believed in, supported, and/or went through great lengths to directly support the growth and continued success of Templar Titan, Inc.
Chuck McCullah
Carlson Gracie
Dave Paaina
Tom DeSanto