Conduct an assessment of the most vulnerable and critical nodes of exposure. Examine essential priorities of travel, family, work, health, hygiene, and behavior to determine risk and exposure across all domains in life. Develop an operational plan of essential travel and exaggerated behaviorisms when in congested areas with the potential to a higher risk of exposure and potentially cross-contaminate others within your life.


Stay informed utilizing best practices and sources to gain your INTEL.  Exercise hyper-vigilance with your own situational awareness as it relates to your life and to those within it.  Check daily the CENTER for DISEASE CONTROL ( https://www.cdc.gov/ | 800-232-4636 ) and the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION ( https://www.who.int/ | +41-22-7912111 ) websites and pandemic posts.


During this time of great uncertainty, climbing exposure numbers of people and related deaths, it would be wise to simplify your day-to-day work and travel i.e. travel, distance to work and shopping, exposure to crowded areas, intelligently human profile, consciously avoid blindly walking into “contaminant potential” air spaces, develop your activities to be germ conscious. Consciously enact a plan of minimizing you, and your family’s exposure to congested areas as much as possible.


Wire into your mind a constant, consciously thinking “what if” response to your own potential “zero-day,” or worst-case scenario. Develop contingency plans around the possibility of threat exposure to include the nearest medical facilities and nearest isolation facilities.


Purchase the gear and equipment necessary to support strong contingency plans to enhance incorporating the most likely threats. The Templar Titan website will provide expert analysis on pandemic protectant and safety assurance items in the days to come.


Adhering to a dedicated, informed healthy lifestyle inclusive of adequate rest, healthy diet, exercise, hydration, fasting, being proactive in boosting your immune system (tinctures, essential oils ) reducing stress, make informed pure water choices, cognizant when moving in or out of polluted air space,  facial touching, picking or grooming while in congested areas, understanding of most compromised items you come into contact with (door handles, menu’s, bathroom areas, tabletops, railings). Return to “old school” life and table manners and request the same of those around you. Food choices enhance the body’s ability to fight off pestilences and disease so strive towards building the “Spartan immune system” capable of preventing and fighting of afflictions, which better one’s survivability chances in all cases.


To support another mindset, like spiritual and psychological = strength to deal with adversity.

    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”

Lew  Knopp is a former a U.S. Navy SEAL and the founder of Templar Titan, a global risk mitigation firm. Lew has conducted multiple Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Response (HA/DR) engagements, recovering personnel and assets, protecting high net worth individuals, Fortune 500 Companies, governments, entertainment professionals and foreign dignitaries. He is based in Pittsburgh, PA. the sister city of Wuhan, China.