“Tactical Virology – Comparison table of symptoms”

The Tactical Virology chart is provided by TEMPLAR TITAN, inc. to be used as a tool in viral detection and prevention practices. Templar Titan is committed to being a good Samaritan in the face of global pandemic concerns. A global ally and resource: Templar Titan, Providing Timely Solutions to Complex Scenarios.

SymptomsCoronavirus COVID-19FluColdSARS
Incubation periodDepends on the form and lasts from 3 to 14 days1-2 days3-5 days3-5 days
Deteriorating healthGradualSuddenGradualFast
Body TemperatureSudden jumps in temperature
up to 100.4F or higher
(looks like a fever)
stored for 3-4 days
IntoxicationWeakness, muscle and joint ache, chills.Severe chills, pain upon movements, body aches.Not expressedIt is expressed by fatigue.
Runny nose and nasal congestionWeakness, muscle and joint ache, chillsMay appear as a complication on 2-3 dayAppears in the first hoursAppears in the early days
SneezingPossibleMost often absent Appears after a
cold got active.
Almost always
Sore throatDry (strong) cough, white coating on the tongue, sore throat, enlarged cervical lymph nodes (usually in children), pain while swallowing, redness.Appears on day 2-3, accompanied by cough and sometimes chest pain.Discomfort occurs on the second dayIt occurs along with a cough
Eye discomfortConjunctivitis (eye irritation and
infection) is possible.
Photophobia (light
sensitivity) , redness
often occurs.
NoRarely – occurs with bacterial infection.
HeadachePossibleAlmost alwaysNoPossible – if complications appeared: sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis.
FatigueAlwaysAlmost always, persists for  2-3 weeks. NoPossible – while maintaining high temperature for more than a day
InsomniaPossibleAlmost always, persists for  2-3 weeks. No May occur due to high temperature.
Respiratory failureShortness of breath could appear at  3-7 day.Possible No No
Digestive disorders Watery diarrhea, vomiting, nausea. Possible diarrhea No No
High blood pressure In severe cases In severe cases NoNo
Heart rate In severe cases In severe cases NoNo
Do I need to call a doctor? RequiredRequired Not necessaryWhen symptoms persist or complications  occur